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I talk about masturbating in this rant.
Jun. 21 at 19:24

Big Evil

Soooooo...let's just go on ahead and figger up a perty rant.

Two points of feedback that I've gotten lately: My writing is arrogant and this site has turned into a blog for me Oxford escort.

ar∑ro∑gant Pronunciation (r-gnt)
1. Having or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or self-importance.
2. Marked by or arising from a feeling or assumption of one's superiority toward others

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  • Well...DER. Razz

    Of course this front space is going to be arrogant but only in a smoke-and-mirrors kind of way. The whole purpose of the rant space when used in an extended format for a webcomic is a podium for the creator or group of creators of that particular work. It doesn't matter if it's on the subject of what shitty WW2 video games they like (yeah, like sitting on your ass Nottingham escort agency on a couch is REALLY just like seeing your buddies blown up or wading through piles of dead civilians) or how their roomie in their dorm room jacks off at maps of Japan because he reads Megatokyo or even the ill-winded brainfarts that come out of my mouth in regards to other webcomics. The fact is, none of us are expert enough in any field to make a certifiable claim on shit about well...shit. Some of us may Chicbabes Cambridge THINK we know more than others but the bottom line is that we are all hacks at heart.

    Resources: Additonal Escort Content

    Everytime one of us posts a piece of hatemail on the main page with the sender's email address attached so they can get flooded, they're being babies to the point of crinkling their diapers when they run. Everytime one of us defends the quality of their work by defining how many unique IP's they get, they are compensating like a hillbilly in a monster Monte Carlo. Everytime one of us posts a long rant about how much they love their girlfriend, they probably just meant to post in their livejournal. Razz

    Wee-noh-nuh-tink. The best we can hope for is a steaming turdpile of hogwash thinly topped with a tablespoon of credibility served with a side order of naivety on the behalf of the person dining on the dish. They shovel a loving spoonful into their open, greedy mouth...pause and swirl it around...and then hock it back onto the plate and tell their friends at the table about it. So, lemme say that when I say another webcomic sucks or another webcomic is lazy or another webcomic is just a little bitch at heart, it's just my opinion and nothing more. All I do is piss in the air and let everyone else measure the distance for shits and giggles.

    Hey, that's entertainment for ya.

    Secondly...the BLOG. Well, I'm taking time off and to be quite honest, Sloo was getting a bit burned out as well. That's the way it goes. However, people have said that they enjoy my writing style for whatever ungodly reason and like to see what I have to say. Since what I'm working on behind the scenes is strictly hush-hush, that leaves me talking about whatever crap I feel like in regards to my personal life.

    Of course I'm not gonna give out any specific names or pictures or where people that I care about live or go to school. Only a retard would do that on the internet when they know they have an audience. What I can do is give my take on whatever subjects that I get reminded of and hopefully give something for people to come and look at until the comic kickstarts back up.

    And hey, if anybody disagrees with anything that I say or do, then feel free to post away with a retort to what I've written. You don't even have to be a registered forum member to reply to a main page post. God forbid that being able to respond to main page posts becomes a webcomic TREND.

    Now I'm gonna go masturbate and fall asleep. I'll think fondly of YOU *points* as I do it.


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    I command you to...DANCE!
    Jun. 19 at 11:52

    Big Evil

    Got bored yesterday and ventured off to *gasp* an ANIME CON at Anime Mid-Atlantic. I've got some friends that do volunteer work at it and I always try to show an interest in the hobbies of my friends. People aren't just defined by reputations or whatever vocations they happen to have. They are also defined and better understood by what they throw themselves into purely for enjoyment and without the reward of praise or monetary compensation. Also, I wanted to oggle cosplay chicks.

    Well being the newbie I am, it never dawned on me that most cosplay chicks are freaking jailbait. Hell, I get uneasy about watching PORN where they boast "Just turned eighteen!" since I'm one year shy of the big three-oh.

    So, that left me to go see something I hadn't seen before: a cosplay ceremony/competition. Apparently, everyone dresses up as their favorite anime characters or cast of characters and puts on short skits. Hopefully, as in this case, there is a good MC for the ceremonies and they keep the ball moving and everybody entertained. My favorite skit of the event that I understood was a Final Fantasy one where all of the cosplayers had a mock battle with one character always holding up a painted card with "MISS" in blue big letters written upon it. Another one was a dance number featuring the cast of Hellsing. Admittedly, a lot of the other ones I didn't completely get since I'm fairly new to anime. Still, a good show and was worth the price of admission right there.

    Following it was a rave. This brings me back to my point of most cosplayers being jailbait. The majority of the crowd was pretty young so I opted to stay in the back dancing with the other geriatrics my own age even if it meant breaking my hip by accident since if I waded through the crowd to get to the front, I probably would have broken several statatory laws by sheer contact alone. You haven't really known somebody until you've seen them dance. A quiet person can bound around everywhere like Tigger awaiting a blowjob and the loudest of the loud can just stand there and bob their head back and forth like a dashboard Jesus.

    Betcha thought I'd make another blowjob joke with the head bobbing, didn't ya?

    Unfortunately, I cannot dance. AT ALL. I do have one move my buddy Bry refers to as "The Monkey Sway" where I kinda just root my feet down and swish my arms to and fro but I decided to shelve it and save that deadly instrument of rythmic destruction for another time and place. Crowds of people can only take so much RAW SEXUAL ENERGY like that and not explode or spontaneously get pregnant. For the most part, I stuck to my usual routine of explaining that I indeed, have no new groove followed by me trying desperately to find said groove only to culminate with me doing s series of movements that mock rythm and funk while keeping calm so as not to sprout wood when one of my female friends danced too closely. I'm a love machine, what can I say.

    Another neat sidenote was my new haircut has a weird Clark Kent/Superman effect on people that haven't seen me since it got snipped. Kind of amusing to talk to people that know me but haven't seen me in a few months and have them look at me like I have a clit for a nose until they suddenly realize who I am. Thank God I didn't shave off the goatee or get contacts. I may have gotten the neon orange-vested security demons escorting me away for stalking people that have no idea who the big redheaded guy was. Razz

    Gonna work and hopefull finish the script I was talking about yesterday sometime today. Feel free to bug me on Skype again if ye so wish.

    Also, I FINALLY sent Halo the Zombie Bush panel so the series is now wrapped up. Should be up eventually.


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    Skype my brains out!
    Jun. 18 at 06:43

    Big Evil

    OK, gonna take the entire weekend to hammer out a script for a little something-something. Now usually, I don't bother with case you couldn't tell. Razz Usually, I just have a broad outline and then only letter and dialogue the page after Sloo's sent me back the colors. This time though, I'm gonna write out an arc ahead of time. Go, go Gadget PROFESSIONALISM!

    This also means I'm gonna be plunked down in front of my computer for most of the weekend with the exception of piss breaks and soda runs though they probably won't be in that order.

    My point! There's this thing called Skype that can be found here. It's like an internet telephone dealie-o that's free and more importantly, you can run while doing something else unlike the ever-so-creepy-I-fear-leaving-the-house charm of an MSN video confernece or the uber wonky AIM voice chat that makes you feel like you're talking to a drive through menu screen. I've used Skype and it's pretty clear. Might be a few futzy moments but overall, it's reliable. My Skype name is "matthewgenier". Yeah, I know...hard to guess.

    Anyway, anybody out there wants to talk or has something to get off their chest about any of my recent rants or rants that they think I may have written, feel free to give me a geeky intarweb ring. Like I said, I'll be busy doing the writing thang for most of the weekend.

    Off to spread the gift of literacy,

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    Batman Beginssssssssss
    Jun. 15 at 19:45

    Big Evil

    So, saw Batman Begins just now. Wasn't that bad overall and believe it or not, it was closer to the Batman mythos than Tim Burton's shitty version was. The problem IS, I fear this Chris Nolan version might tank just because Tim Burton has put such a stain on the Batman mythos.

    I fear that most kids nowadays might think that Batman wears a giant rubber suit and blows away bad guys with the Batwing every chance he gets and all of his villains die after one crime spree and Batman himself changes actors more often than Mexico swaps presidents. Not to mention they might also believe that Gotham city is only slightly larger than a sound stage or two city blocks.

    Yeah, thanks a lot, Mr. Tim Burton, you louse-headed hack. Let's hope you never fuck up anything else like Gene Wilder's best mov-oh...shit. Granted, Burton DID intorduce us to the Winona Ryder's boobs in Edward Scissorhands and nobody was more delighted than I at the sight of her jiggly-jubbly funbags but that's pretty much it. Unless you're from Japan or Georgia, her barely teenage self in Beetlejuice doesn't count. Anyway, enough about Tim Burton being a putz. I'm sure he'll do quite well directing high school plays once his film career dries up since he's the master of the "made on a soundstage" look.

    Enough about tiny Tim. Lemme just tell you WHY you should see Batman Begins. It's actually as close to the comic as a movie can get for Batman. I'll nail a few quick points without spoiling it and then end the rant:

    1) It dealt heavily with Batman's origins and his period of training before he actually became the Dark Knight.
    2) Had him finding the cave and being afraid of bats as a boy which took the Burton directed and PRODUCED Batman movies like, three sequels to get to?
    3) Had Arkham Asylum right off the to speak.
    4) Had a "sargeant" Gordon since it was early in Batman's days which I felt was a beautiful touch. Also, it had him eating dinner with his wife and DAUGHTER.
    5) Lucious (not Luscious) Fox was in it and they even made him black. Razz Also, Zazz was a prisoner in Arkham.
    6) The Scarecrow didn't have a HUGE part but an integral one. They used some creepy special effects for his powder's hallucinations. The mask was nice, as well. Most of the time, people just saw maggots coming out of it.
    7)Ra's Al Ghoul was in it and he actually ACTED like ol' Ra's. He wanted the world to be rid of evil but saw wiping out everyone as the only means.
    8)Gotham actually LOOKED like a city for once. It had slums and streets and a rail system and pretty much looked like the comic's version which was roughly the size of New Jersey. By the way, I saw in a DC map once that Gotham was actually in New Jersey and Metropolis was in Connecticut. Having done a fair bit of travelling through each of the states recently, I can completely understand it.
    9)Christian Bale played Bruce Wayne to a T. He was a cocky, aloof playboy by day and then Batman by night. Matter of fact, he even talked like Batman in front of Alfred. By the way, it was nice to see a Batman actor being buff instead of Mr. Mom with a receeding hairline.

    Overall, if you can actually READ and have read the comic, this was a good Batman flick. If you're a braindead Burton zombie, this movie isn't for you. Go watch Johnny Depp abuse a fat kid in the Fudge Factory movie coming up or wait for Ewan McGregor to smile like a retard for two hours in a sequel to Big Fish if they ever make one. Hell of a lot better than seeing him fuck old Chinese guys, anyway. Razz


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    What I Did For Summer Vacation
    Jun. 14 at 15:20

    Big Evil

    An Essay on the intellectual subject of shit for brains teenagers drawing webcomics
    By Scarab

    Lets go to a subject near and dear to my heart and one that Iíve wanted to rant about for a few months now. I recognize that I, myself, am in fact a teenager who many of you could claim has shit for brains thus making this essay sound extremely hypocritical, But let me just say that over the last few months Iíve been through the warp of the internet and know what Iím talking about.

    When I was a wee lad of 13 *cough a year ago cough* I had a lot of trouble with the fact that I was (and still am) lumped into a category of egotistical maniacs who can type for shit. This lump on the diseased balls sack of webcomics are the branch of youngins. A group ranging from age 12 to 15 with absolutely no idea what the fuck theyíre doing or that thereís a world of webcomics beyond even Drunkduck or Keenspace. For the most part I was something of a stereotype. I hadnít read enough on webcomics to know what makes a good fan base possible, I had very inconsistent writing skills, and zilch on anatomy. I was also reading the wrong material, But I had a will and a dream. I had a bit of talent in photoshop and I could write a mean dead sexy story (though my art was not always up to this challenge).

    What Iím saying is...the talent pool has run dry as the goatse manís sex appeal. I canít find anyone my age, or younger, with the art skills to tackle a basic decent page. I canít find anyone with any sense of commitment. Though perhaps out of ill inspiration I did finish a whole 175 page manga story and ran a webcomic for a whole year and a quarter before deciding it was rather futile. I canít find someone who doesnít have a total dick headed attitude. I was rather stupid some times. Back in the early days of Dominion I jokingly advertised I was more violent than Big E. That was of course until page 50 or so when we have the elf-mech thing that Mack beats the shit out of. I even picked a fight with Alpha Shade ( ) at one point. Probably the stupidest move Iíve made in my webcomic career , But some of these kids are just dicks. Even I didnít ask for fanart after only 3 fucking pages were done. Oh and I could type to a minor extent to boot.

    Seriously Itís rather painful to see how much shit like this there is on DD and Keenspace. Will there ever be another day when the prodigies arenít absolute dicks?

    -Scarab ( )

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